Rental conditions


The present general conditions are applicable to the hiring of the rooms proposed by the MANOIR DE BEAUREGARD, place called Le Grand But in 24140 Clermont-de-Beauregard. It is entered into between the operator, the SARL MB GRAND BUT, and, the tenant, hereinafter referred to as "the customer" major person responsible for the lease.


The rental conditions applicable are those defined in this document "rental conditions" and in the rental agreement which specifies the terms and conditions. These documents are signed at the time of booking by both parties.

No modification of the terms of the contract (erasure, overload, &) will be accepted without the written agreement of both parties.


The owners undertake not to disclose to any third party any information of any nature whatsoever that the tenant will have been led to give him when executing this contract.

These latter provisions, however, are not applicable to requests for information made by administrations and / or the Courts.


The signatory customer of the contract concluded for a fixed term can not under any circumstances claim any right to stay in the premises beyond the date of departure initially scheduled at the time of booking.

The duration of stay is two consecutive nights minimum, a surcharge of twenty euros (20 €) will be applied for one night.


The number of people occupying rooms of hosts of charm must not exceed the number envisaged on the contract, under penalty of termination of the hiring.

The rental can not in any case benefit third parties, unless prior written consent of the owner.

Subletting is prohibited to the lessee, under any pretext whatsoever, even for free, under penalty of termination of contract.

Art. 6 - RATES

The rates and the periods to which they apply are mentioned in the section "Rates".

In case of change of tariff, the applicable rate is that in force on the day of the reservation and mentioned on the contract addressed to the customer. The prices mentioned relate to the rental periods and the services specified in the tariffs section.

Any request for rental over a period not proposed on the tariff or involving services other than the services offered will be the subject of a special commercial offer.

Art. 7 - PAYMENT

The reservation becomes effective upon payment by the customer of a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the price of the stay and the return of two copies of the contract, reproducing in extenso these terms and conditions, duly signed and bearing the words " good for agreement ".

The balance of the rent will be paid at the latest on the day of departure.


The guest rooms are non-smoking areas.


Arrivals are from 16h on the day of arrival and departures before 10h.du departure day.


Daily cleaning is included in the rental price. The occupants will take care of the order of their belongings.


The owner makes available and guest rooms, different equipment: swimming pool, gardens, parking, etc. that can be used by all tenants.

The use of this equipment must be carried out in a friendly atmosphere with other tenants, respecting the tranquility of all.

In particular, it will be important to respect the rest of the guests so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay (noise at the late arrival, evening meal, activities in the gardens or the pool ....)

In the event of disruption or non-respect of these clauses the owner reserves the right to prohibit the access of the disruptive to the common parts or to end the stay (see clauses of termination).

In any case, the use of the common areas engages the responsibility of the user occupants and in particular for the swimming pool where the tenants undertake to ensure themselves the safety of the children and their relatives.

Art. 12 - PETS

We regret that we can not accept pets.


The pool is heated at the beginning and end of the season and is in filtered salt water measuring 5 meters wide and 13 meters long and is equipped with a liner and a rigid curtain that can be rolled and unrolled.

The pool is accessible, unless the rigid curtain is unrolled and in case of force majeure.

Only the owners are authorized to operate the winding and the unfolding of the said curtain.

The owners remind their guests of the lack of monitoring of the pool. Its use is reserved only for people staying in bed and breakfast and / or gites and owners.

The use of the pool by children is under the supervision and responsibility of their parents.

Pool users undertake to respect the rules of use:

Do not bathe after using and applying a cream or sun oil and do the utmost to respect the quality of the water.
To use a jersey reserved only for the use of swimming.
To use their own pool towels, made available in each accommodation and use them only as part of the swimming pool at the property.
To respect the tranquility of each user, avoiding all noisy games and screaming.
Respect the cleanliness of the terraces and around the pool to avoid any risk of injury (risk of cuts, abrasions).

It is advised to any user of the swimming pool to be covered by an insurance Civil Liability Defenses Remedies.

The owners decline all responsibility in case of accident.

Owners, on repeated default, may withdraw the authorization they have previously granted without compensation whatsoever.


Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or fax:

Termination at the initiative of the tenant:

Any termination of this contract at the initiative of the tenant must be addressed to the owner by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt at the address indicated above, the date of receipt by the owner being authentic.

The owner keeps the full amount of the deposit paid by the tenant unless the termination is based on a case of force majeure duly justified (unforeseeable event, irresistible and outside the tenant). The owner must then return within 30 days of this cancellation the full amount of the deposit paid.

If the tenant did not appear the day mentioned on the contract and passed a period of 24 hours and without notice of the owner:

This contract is considered terminated.
The deposit paid is acquired by the owner,
The owner can dispose of his rent.
If the tenant holds a pet not mentioned at the signing of the lease or not accepted in writing by the landlord, this contract will be terminated ex officio

Termination at the initiative of the owner:

Before entering the premises:

In the event of cancellation of this contract by the owner before the entry in the places, for some reason that it is except case of force majeure, it will pay back to the tenant the amount of the deposit received plus interest at the legal rate (the point starting from the amount of the interest runs at the expiry of a period of three months from the payment of the deposit, until the restitution).

This refund will be sent to the tenant by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt within 15 days from the notification of the cancellation.

After entering the premises:

When the cancellation of the contract by the owner intervenes during the duration of the lease, it must be duly justified (proven deterioration of the rented places, complaints of the neighborhood, presence of animals not accepted, presence of tenants not specified in the contract etc.).

Whatever the cause of the termination, the full amount of the rent remains with the owner.


In case of early termination of the stay by the tenant, and if the responsibility of the owner is not called into question, there will be no refund.

If the tenant justifies serious reasons presenting the characteristics of the force majeure (event unforeseeable, irresistible and outside the tenant) making impossible the progress of the hiring, the contract is terminated by right. The amount of rent already paid by the tenant is returned to him, in proportion to the length of occupation that remained to be performed.


The owners are committed to doing everything possible in the means they have available to facilitate the smooth running of their guests.

In particularity the preparation of the reception and the departure of the hosts is paramount.

The owners undertake to provide housing against rental risks on behalf of the tenant, the latter having the obligation to notify him, within 24 hours, any incident occurred in the housing or its accessories.

The owners release all responsibility in case of theft.

Each tenant is responsible for the security of the property during his stay making sure to make use of the availabilities available for this use.


Any complaint must be formulated by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within a maximum of 8 days following the contractual end of the stay.

Disputes are exclusively the responsibility of the Courts of Commerce of BERGERAC.

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