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A special break in the Dordogne

The Dordogne has remained isolated for a long time, which has allowed it to preserve its strong identity, steeped in history. It is surprising that the Dordogne is the 3rd largest department of the country in size.

This department has worked hard to develop the tourism business, thanks to its historical and geographical assets.

Discover the Dordogne

We offer our "chosen pieces", some addresses among so many others ....

Live amongst us at the Manor of BEAUREGARD

To accommodate is to share ... but it is also the exchange of ideas ..

Thierry and Charlotte share with pleasure their delight to ensure that you will spend the best of times with them, in the chamber d’hotes and prestige cottages and in the charm of the Manor.

The addresses of local producers of products, craftsmen, tradesmen, restaurateurs who are the best ambassadors of the ‘art de vivre’ in French, in the Périgourdin countryside.

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