Thierry's table d'hôtes

Thierry, in another life, had a long and intensive career as a creator, director and leader

of companies in the field of the food industry.

He is the creator of the concept of the universe of agro-gastronomic @. A concept that combines gastronomy, the art dedicated to great chefs, and the food industry of the grand public.

Passionate about cooking, the beautiful, bountiful and good products, his favourite motto is "eating is the beginning of happiness".

Today, to live his passion for cooking in a new way, Thierry offers his ‘table d’hote’. It focuses on the produce itself.

His ingredients are preferably local and seasonal, such as vegetables and fruits grown on the principles of permaculture.

Thierry perpetuates French culinary traditions with slowly simmered dishes. He knows the art of accommodating home-grown garden vegetables in gratins, soups and other dishes

His seasonal formulas on demand:

On weekdays, a dinner for 25 euros per person: a small appetizer, a main course and a dessert with wine as an accompaniment.

In the weekend, on Fridays or Saturdays, a more gastronomic dinner, for 35 euros per person: consisting of a homemade aperitif, an starter, a main course and a dessert, accompanied by wine.

For gourmets, our favorite restaurants:

  • The closest: to CLERMONT : LA CREPERIE TETE A CREPES .Tel : +33 5 53 82 12 36
  • LA PETITE FACTORY à Saint ALVERE. Tel :  +33 5 53 74 91 12
  • LE BISTROT DU PRESBYTHERE à QUEYSSAC . Tel : +33 5 53 58 73 36

The restaurants selected have small capacity and it is strongly recommended to book. We will be happy to assist you.


For cooks

In Dordogne, it is customary in summer to be able to discover the gourmet night markets organized in many towns and villages. True festive and gourmet attractions where producers offer products that they prepare and cook on site that creates cheerful and very convivial tables.

Local weekly and Sunday produce markets are where producers of tradition which continue since the Middle Ages are essential to the Perigord lifestyle.

Our favorite producers are:

  • Our peasant baker Jean MARIE COULBEAUT Saint GEORGES DE MONCLARD. On sale Tuesday and Friday at the bakehouse.
  • Our charcutier delicatessen BEAUFILS in BERGERAC rue Saint CATHERINE
  • Our cheese refiner BLANCHARD at BERGERAC rue Saint CATHERINE
  • Our wine shop ART AND WINE in BERGERAC rue GRANDE RUE
  • Our butcher Sebastien PRADELLE in VERGT place Saint JEAN.
  • Our chocolatier Hervé ROBIN at Notre Dame SAVILHAC street of March 19th.
cottage dordogne Manor Beauregard our artisan cheese maker on the market
cottage dordogne Manor Beauregard purchase of vegetables on the market

Other practical additional information:

Cities nearby:

  • PÉRIGUEUX à 33 km
  • BERGERAC à 20 km
  • Post office at 5 km Saint Georges de Monclars
  • Grocers, taxi company, market Friday at VERGT 11km.
  • Doctor, pharmacy, nurses, veterinarian VERGT.
  • Banks, ATM's in VERGT

To prepare your trip, consult the following websites:

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