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The Manor

An exceptional property, the Manoir de Beauregard is in Clermont de Beauregard. Originally, in the 12th century, during the 100 years’ war, the hill of the Manor was assigned a military significance where a watchtower was erected. The remains of it still exist. The manor dates from the 17th century. The building was then a farmhouse based around a vineyard and tobacco production until last century.

Perched on the hill, the building dominates the valley that stretches in a curved line like "the first morning of the world ..."


cottage dordogne manor beauregard the garden
cottage dordogne manor beauregard the garden 2


Where everything is designed to fill up with nature and fresh air. An old watchtower, now restored, is enthroned in the garden. Roses abound, a large vegetable garden and an orchard cultivated on the concepts of permaculture show our desire to live in the respect of flora and fauna.

We have recently planted truffle oaks. A bet against time!

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games in the Beauregard Manor Pool with stunning views

The swimming pool,

Like a huge balcony hanging on the hill, the swimming pool dominates the panorama and is decorated with its sunning deck. The pool is heated and measures 15m x 6m and is treated with salt.

It is equipped with a rigid safety curtain in keeping with all current standards.

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Thierry's "Table d'hôte"...

Eating well is the beginning of happiness and to receive it, is to know how to share bread and wine.

His cuisine is seduced by simplicity, the products all seasonal and the tastes are homemade.



the maître de maison is cooking for his host


Your Hosts

Originally from the Lille region, it was during a business trip that Thierry and Charlotte discovered the manor and gave into the evidence that it was here and not elsewhere that they should live.

Lovers of nature, amateurs of history and art, let yourself be seduced whilst taking advantage of the moment.

From the reception to the atmosphere,

"it is not just charm in this guest house"

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