But why here and not elsewhere?

It is the story of love at first sight. "Fall in Love" our Anglo Saxon friends would say!

We are from the Lille region and never would we have had the idea to come to the Périgord.

The first time we saw the mansion ... Love at first sight was immediate for both of us.

 From the outset we were seduced by its unique and exclusive view.

 The panorama displays a little Tuscan air with its cypresses and the unfolding of the depths of the valley that stretches in crossed curves, like a first morning of the world ...

Lovers of old stones and under the spell of this region and the authenticity of the way of life of the country, we decided to live year-round while receiving guests. This house of charms tells a story and we wanted to sign up to its history.

 Sometimes happiness is not all that matters and taking the time to live is an art.


gite dordogne manoir Beauregard comme un premier matin du monde

Like a first morning of the world ......

The fans of this life are


Wife for 30 years, business manager, accompanied Thierry in his life as an entrepreneur.

Daughter of an antique dealer, she is passionate about the history of art and antiquity. She paints on porcelain and opened her workshop in one of the outbuildings..


Rose ornement
Enseigne en fer forgé du Manoir Beuregard


In another life has had a long and intensive career as a designer, manager and business leader in the field of the food industry.

He is the creator of the concept of the agri-gastronomic @. A concept that combines gastronomy, art dedicated to great chefs, and the food industry.

Passionate about cooking, beauty and good product, his favourite motto is "Eat well, it's the beginning of happiness". Thierry offers his table d’hôtes to all guests.